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There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Smile is an Orange County, CA-based indie-pop band. (http://thebandsmile.com) They released several albums on several different labels with several different lineups, united by singer/songwriter/guitarist Mike Rosas. The band began as a sludgy grunge project on Atlantic records, but bounced to San Diego-based Cargo with a poppier sound. Their 1998 album "Girl Crushes Boy" earned critical-acclaim in Southern California, and was often-cited by alternative paper OC Weekly as one of the best albums ever to come out of Orange County. Smile reunited in 2013. Michael Rosas (vocals, guitar) Scott Reeder (drums) Aaron Sonnenberg (bass) 2) Smile was formed in the late 60's, and was made up of Queen members; Brian May and Roger Taylor, and a long time friend Tim Staffell. The band recorded but never released one single, titled "Earth" (b-side "Step On Me"), and posthumously released two albums. Smile later turned into Queen when Staffell left, Freddie Mercury joined, and the 3 of them found John Deacon. Their song "Doin' Alright" was later recorded by Queen for their first album as "Doing All Right". Smile was formed in 1968 and consisted of three members - lead singer and bass player Tim Staffell, guitarist Brian May, and drummer Roger Taylor. Staffell and May met in 1964 and, together with several mutual friends, formed a band that they would call "1984". 1984, in May's words, was "purely an amateur band, formed at school, although perhaps at the end we once got fifteen quid or something. We never really played anything significant in the way of original material". (Brian May, The Guitar Greats, 1983). For four years, the band did little in the way of recording, playing cover songs at sporadic gigs while the bandmembers focused on their schooling. May would leave the band in 1968 to focus on his BSc exams and would be accepted to study for a phD in astrophysics at renowned Imperial College. (A degree that May would finally obtain forty years later.) Though he was a diligent student, May desperately wanted to continue to play his guitar, so he and Staffell decided later that year to start fresh with a new band. "Smile" would be the chosen name of this new venture, and May would post an advert on the student message board: "Brilliant Drummer wanted for Heavy Guitar band - must be able to play like Mitch Mitchell, Ginger Baker, Keith Moon." A student at Imperial saw the posting and immediately told his roommate, a London Hospital medical school student by the name of Roger Taylor. Though enrolled for a dentistry degree, music was Taylor's first passion and he immediately responded to the advertisement. May later recalled: "I went to the Imperial jazz room, which I'd booked for the evening, and Roger was there already, hitting the skins, fiddling around, turning knobs. I said, 'What're you doing?' He said, 'I'm tuning them.' I'd never seen a drummer do that before! I was impressed. He'd got great energy, but was very neat too, particularly with the snare drum: he'd do these ththththrump things which started very cleanly and precisely on time. Immediately, the sound of my guitar and his drums had that hugeness. We hit it off like brothers too..." Smile would achieve moderate success during their brief existence, recording several original songs that May and Staffell had written. 3) SMILE is a Japanese Rock / Indies Band, they have released 3 singles: Namida Iro, SMILExSMILE, and Zettai Summer. Members: Vocal: Kasumi Guitar: Nana Bass: Tsubasa Drums: Yuki 4) Smile was formed in 1998 in Lithuania by 11-12 years old musicians. The group had a great success. In the year 1999 they appears on TV during the NEBL basketball match, which was shown live in Lithuania, Poland, Sweden and Norway. The same year SMILE was titled the youngest and the most promising band. The group had been invited to a lot of events in Lithuania and Latvia. In year 2000 the member of SMILE Agnė Genytė has composed a song, which became an official hymn of the international contest "Odyssey of the mind". The band is being invited to perform it and other their songs in the final of this contest in USA for a few years. 5) Smile is a West Palm Beach screamo band, who released four albums before breaking up in mid 2006. Their music can be found on their myspace: http://www.myspace.com/bandsmile 6) Smile was formed in 2003 in Poland by Mirosław Elimer (lead vocal), Maciej Komar (bass), Maciej Patek (guitar), Artur Wileński (keyboard, saxophone, vocal) and Piotr Dzierżko (drums, vocal). The band performs songs by Queen, and has done over 300 live shows (as of may 2007). Mirosław Elimer has won the "Zostań Gwiazdą" (Become a Star) contest on TVN by perfectly performing the Queen hit "I Want to Break Free". Official site. 7) Smile is a Japanese singer who covers Vocaloid songs on Nico Nico Douga. 8) Smile Dutch gabber / happy hardcore act. http://www.discogs.com/artist/Smile 9) Smile is recent Swedish kraut/pop duo featuring Teddybear STHLM's Joakim Åhlund and Peter Bjorn & John's Björn Yttling. 10) Smile is a Spanish band leaded by the surfer and singer-songwriter John Franks. Combining influences like 60s-70s folk rock, americana or surfing, Smile has created its own style which evokes classic sunsets, friendly camp fires and good vibes that will soon have the listener smiling along to the optimistic, positive, sunny lyrics. Smile have proudly released his first album "Painting the sun one colour" in 2007, "All roads lead to the shore" in 2011, "Seasides" EP in 2012 and "Out of Season" (2013) (If you want to fin the japanese band here, it's tagged as SMILE so please change your ID3)

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