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There are lots of bands with the name Infrared: One of these is a rock band from Wellington, New Zealand. They have a couple of tracks to available on last.fm: Lost Control Under Your Skin Their official site is http://www.infrarednz.com/. Another one: Hailing from Chicago, IL Infrared was formed in 1998. In the following years, the band has cultivated a large and ever-growing fan base in the Chicagoland area through live shows and relentless promotion. One thing that is certain about the music Infrared writes is that it will cause the audience to feel something and react. Stylistically, Infrared features an array of melodies and riffs, all delivered with the intenseness that defines the groups live shows. Performing throughout the state at top local venues -METRO- Double Door - Pearl Room - and distributing 7000+ copies of demo releases has lead to the success the band enjoys today.

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