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Jose Padilla

Spanish artist José Padilla was seduced by the idea of becoming a DJ while working as a waiter in Barcelona. After moving to Ibiza in 1975, Padilla soon got involved in the local night club circuit. In 1991, he took up a DJ residency at Café del Mar. In 1994, he compiled the first Cafe del Mar album for the React label. After issuing his solo debut album, Souvenir, José Padilla recorded Navigator, an experimental album featuring songs by Seal and N'Dea Davenport, released by DRO East West in 2001. In November 2007, a new compilation series called Bella Musica, unrelated to Cafe del Mar, was released. It was followed by "Here Comes the Sunset" (Volume 4) in 2011. "So Many Colours" was released in June 2015, including Day One and Solito.

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