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Анжелика Варум

Angelica Varum is one of the most famous and loved singers in Russia. She was born on May 26, 1969 in a Ukrainian city of Lviv into a family of a composer Yuri Varum and a theater director Galena Shapovalova. Angelica’s career as a solo singer began in 1991 when she released her first album Goodbye, My Boy (“Good Bye, moi malchik”). Today, she has nine albums out, a few of which have received a gold and platinum status in Russia. Along with having a career in music, Angelica has been involved in a number of movies and plays. She currently has three “Ovation” awards, one of them given to her for being the best female singer in 1995. She was also a laureate for the awards Seagull (“Chaika”), Golden Gramophone (“Zolotoi gramophon”), as well as many other honors. In 1999 she married another famous Russian singer, Leonid Agutin. Currently, Angelica spends most of her time preparing songs for her new album, which she plans to release in the spring 2007.

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