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The Ambrosian Singers

The Ambrosian Singers are one of the best-known London choral groups, particularly appreciated for its great variety of recorded repertory. They were founded after World War II in England. One of their co-founders was Denis Stevens (1922-2004), a British musicologist and viola player who joined the BBC Music Department in 1949 and developed programs of Renaissance and early Baroque music. The other was John McCarthy (1919-2009), a professional tenor soloist. They organized and created the Ambrosian Singers as a small professional chorus in 1951. Ambrosian Singers has participated in numerous Christmas albums, appeared in albums with such pop and rock artists as Neil Diamond, Grace Jones, Julie Andrews, etc. They have participated in various film soundtrack scores such as Brainstorm, Krull, Chariots of Fire, and The Secret of NIMH, and in some albums of Italian films: Film Scores of Ennio Morricone and Nino Rota (conducted by Henry Mancini, collections of Miklos Rozsa scores, and original scores from MGM Classic Musicals. They did the intro vocals for the song "Inside" by Stiltskin in 1994.

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