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Gor Sujyan

Gor Sujyan is the lead singer of the band Dorians. The Dorians have received many awards: Best Rock Group of the Year, Best Video of the Year, Rock Number One. The band’s first concert was held in 2009 and was dedicated to the legendary Led Zeppelin rock band. The world famous rock band had a big influence on the formation of the Dorians. In 2008 when the boys gathered together they created a band called Gor and Friends and they began to perform the songs by Led Zeppelin. Soon after they decided to perform not only cover songs, but also their own songs and decided to rename the band from Gor and Friends to Dorians. At the beginning the band only performed songs in English, but soon the Dorians made a great revolution in their repertoire presenting their fans the song Yes kulam which means I’m Crying in Armenian. The song was loved by everyone, maybe because it’s about love, but not about freshman’s love, as Gor said during one of his interviews: It’s about a greater love. The presentation of the bands’ first studio album Fly took place on 22 December 2011

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