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There is a more than one artist nemed Loose: 1.) Italian rock'n'roll band 2.) Brooklin. USA based hip-hop artist 1.)Italian band playing, as they claim, "post millenium "retro mix of Motor City and Aussie garage punk rock and roll" is formed in 1996. Beside first Kiss Your Ass Goodbye ! album in 1999 and second Rock The Fuck On! in 2003 they have realised couple singles and appeared in bunch various artist compilation . Major influences are: the MC5, Radio Birdman, The New Christs, The Stooges, Sonic's Rendezvous Band, The Visitors, with references to the garage of the sixties, blues, psychedelic, punk 70s. Thea are back on the track with Dodge This! self-realised in 2011. 2.) Born in Grenada, a teenager in Brooklyn, Loose grew up listening to Bob Marley and Gregory Isaacs. But in Bed-Stuy and Flatbush in the ‘90s it was all Biggie and Tupac, Beanie Man and Bounty Killa for reggae. All these different influences molded his style, unique in its own. Loose never had a recording career, and he never thought he was going to have one. He worked in a variety store on Fulton Street in Brooklyn for the longest. He sold T-Shirts, socks, durags as well as CDs. He was asked one day to record his own CD to sell in the store. Not knowing if he could do it, he went to the nearby Explode Studio where he recorded his first song, “Them Bwoy”, and it came out better than he and producer G-Fontana expected. The next day Loose went to work as usual and played the song all day in the store. He sold 20 copies of the CD. Ricky Indian, DJ at Hot 97 and a DJ from Waah Gwan Radio Station were walking by and noticed the song. They asked who DJed the song. The following Sunday “Them Bwoy” was broadcasted on Waah Gwan. His career had started. Throughout the following summer (2007), Loose recorded about 75 songs. Some were given to local radio stations and DJ’s for promotion, and for a couple of them a video was shot: “Shotta”, “Beautiful Girls – Take Ood” and “Take You There”. He performed at local venues including the Greek Fest in Long Island, Club Reign in Brooklyn and along with poet Ainsley Burrows at the Shrine in Harlem, NY. he is also featured on a track of Ainsley’s fifth album “Evolver”.

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