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5 artists are known as "Kay": 1) An up and coming pop singer from Nova Scotia, Canada, whose debut single, "My Name Is Kay," and debut EP, "M.A.J.O.R," were both released in 2011. Kay initially gained attention from her youtube videos, where she'd post her rapping verses and singing covers. Since then, her unique look and social media presence has earned her national spotlight. 2) A Hong Kong Pop singer, full name Kay Tse. 3) An RnB artist from Chicago named Karim Diane, 18 years old. He is most known for his song "Incredible." 4) An incredibly gifted guitarist from The Netherlands. 5) A hip-hop artist from Houston, Texas. Full name Kevin Jackson. Member of The Foundation. Released projects with the ARE & Nicolay. Also worked with Ali Shaheed Muhammad & Sa-Ra Creative Partners.

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