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Юлия Савичева

Yulia Savicheva (Юлия Савичева) is a popular Russian singer. She was born on February 14, 1987 in Kurgan, Russia. Music is Julia's passion and both of her parents are musicians. After graduating from music school, her mother worked as a music school teacher for 12 years. Her father is a drummer. Having such a creative and musical family has meant Julia grew up as a very artistic child. She liked singing, drawing, dancing and performed her first solo dance on stage at the age of four. One of Julia’s favourite movies is "Léon" which is directed by Luc Besson, a fact which explains why she’s been nicknamed Matilda since her school days. When she was six, Julia and her family moved to Moscow. Spending all her spare time with the musicians and choreographers with whom her Mother worked with. Solo Career In 2002 and 2003 she performed the lead roles in Christmas performances in Moscow’s main Russian church – The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. And then there was Russian TV talent show, Star Factory which propelled Julia into the limelight. Although she only came 3rd in the show, she was selected to represent Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest which was held May 12, 2004, which raised many eyebrows. She sung the song Believe Me and came #11th place. Julia also perfoms the hit themesong "If there's love in your heart" ("Если в сердце живёт любовь") to a Russian popular TV serial "Not Born Beautiful" ("Не родись красивой"). http://www.savicheva.ru - (in Russian) Julia Savicheva Wikipedia entry

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