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Novelist is the name of a number of acts: 1) Kojo Kankam, known professionally as Novelist, is a grime solo artist. He is a member of The Square and is signed to XL Recordings. 2) Novelist was formed in 2005 by Chase Middaugh and Ryan McMullen - both looking to explore new options to writing and performing music. The initial sounds were heavy, slow paced, constructed pieces with improvised performances such as those heard on Drosera- their debut recording. From there, Novelist evolved into a rhythmic, repetitvive sound heavily influenced by krautrock performers such as Can and Faust. The sound continued to change through many performances on the east coast- eventually arriving at a completely improvised free-formed chaos. Related acts include: Teeth So Sharp, The Fucking Hotlights, The Dead Wrongs, mutus liber, Lucubrae, London Vs New York & Golden Dawn Trio.

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