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If you believe it's becoming ever harder to make music that's individual, fascinating, contemporary, timeless and just tinglingly exctiting, then you've clearly not come across Achilla as yet. So, just who are Achilla, and what makes them one of the best young rock bands around right now? Take a Hungarian singer, Martamaria, and an Italian guitarist, Daniele Panza. Add the Greek bassist Gus Macricostas to the Italian drummer Vincenzo Infusino. Stir vigorously in a London setting and you have Achilla. It's a four-piece where each person having a tremendous range and instinctive talent, but the combination is almost magical. Truly a case of the whole being greater than the sum of the parts. They blend a smorgasbord of influences (from extreme metal to gothic, electronic to world music, folk to progressive), in the process coming up with a visionary sound. Martamaria’s amazing range (she’s actually cited in the Guinness Book Of Records!) is brilliantly complemented by astonishing instrumentalists. Power, power, precision and passion - this lot have it all. Acclaimed by TotalRock Radio, Metal Hammer magazine (UK), Classic Rock magazine, Fireworks magazine and The Guardian newspaper, the band have already had one track – Wild Flower – showcased on a cover mounted CD by Powerplay magazine, while another song, Arashi, is included on a Metal Hammer CD. Constantly touring, Achilla are that rarity among modern bands: one that pays respect to the rich heritage of rock, while also striding determinedly forward into an exciting future. This is one band who prove uniqueness is still possible in music, but also have the ability to connect to the masses without compromising their own dreams and aspirations. That's enough of the reading bit. Now listen to them! Because in their hands, music is still the universal language. Music is still the greatest expression of emotion. Achilla Biog by Malcolm Dome (Metal Hammer)

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