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Влад Сташевский

Vlad Staszewski (born Vladislav S. Staszewski, born. Jan. 19, 1974, Tiraspol) - Russian pop pop singer. Biography Vlad Staszewski (born 19 January 1974) was born in Tiraspol. Father Stanislav S. Staszewski left the family when Vlad was two years old. His mother raised - Natalia L. Tverdokhlebov and grandmother - Mary Timofeevna Tverdokhlebov, they were both accountants. Engaged in sports school gymnastics, running, rowing, skydiving, martial arts. He graduated from the School of Music in piano. After eight classes arrive at the academy school, but I studied there for about a month and left. Entered in the commercial college, there was involved in the student ensemble. After college he entered the Moscow Institute of Commerce, and then transferred to the Faculty of the Moscow State University of Commerce [clarify], the correspondence department. [1] C 1993 lives in Moscow. By chance, at "Master" singer met with producer Yu Sh Ajzenshpisom. A week was recorded the first song, "The road on which we are going," authored by B. Matetsky. The first performance of the singer to the public on 31 August 1993 Festival "Sun Adjara" in Batumi. In "Leaves of Vlad. Biased Requiem "mentioned that Ajzenshpisom to promote a new project helping criminal authority Makushenko known as Alexander" Sasha Gypsy "[2] [3]. In 1994, they released their first album, "Love do not live here anymore." In St. Petersburg, the festival "White Nights" Staszewski finished second. In 1995, they released their second album, "Do not believe me, honey." In 1996 he released the album "Vlad-21." The result of the referendum readers of the newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets" Vlad was named the best singer of the year and won the "Ovation" in the "Hit of the 96" for the song "Call me in the night." This video was shown at the leading TV channels over 500 times. Then Staszewski was voted most piratiruemym artist. This year's Jury Ayzenshpis introduces collective backing vocalist future lead singer of "Lyceum" Svetlana Belyaev. In 1997 came the album "tea-colored eyes," and a collection of clips of the same name. In 1998 he recorded the album "vecherochka-Vecherki", was shot three clips for the songs "Lights", "I'm coming to you" and "Here's to meet." Staszewski received the award "Golden Gramophone" and "100-pood hit." In 1999, Vlad broke up with his producer Yuri Aizenshpis and began recording their sixth album (first solo), "Labyrinth." In 2000, the presentation of the CD "Labyrinth", which Staszewski tried his hand as a serious lyrics, and a few songs acted as a composer. But the album failed. The audience did not take Stashevsky-philosopher, and by 2002 he had disappeared from the screens. Today Vlad married second wife, and has been in business: running the company for the disposal of liquid chemical waste. She also performed in the country with their songs. He took part in the reality show "Survivor." Vlad Staszewski has three collections of award "Golden Gramophone" in 1996 - "Call me in the night", 1997 - "tea-colored eyes," 1998 - "Here's to meet." Personal life First wife (1997-2002) Olga (Aleshin), the daughter of a millionaire, CEO of the Olympic complex "Luzhniki" (1982 to 2011), Vladimir Aleshin. Son Daniel (born April 7, 1998) Second Wife (2006) Irene (Migulya) (born 1984). son Timothy (born March 8, 2008)

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