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Uma2rman (Russian: Ума2рман, also written Uma2rmaH and pronounced Umaturman) is a Moscow-based alternative rock band made up of the two brothers Sergei and Vladimir Kristovski. They have been active since 2003, releasing their first album "V Gorode N" in 2004. Additional musicians have been hired for concerts such as Alexei Ernst - keyboard, Sergey Solodkin - drums, Alexei Kozhakov and Yuri Terletsky (current) - solo guitar. They were nominated in the 2004 Europe MTV Music Awards for Best Russian Group, along with t.A.T.u. and Gorod 312 but lost to Dima Bilan. On the album V gorode N, the track "Nochnoi Dozor" featured as the theme tune to the original Russian cut of the film Night Watch. In addition the track "Uma Thurman" is a song about how Vladimir has fallen in love with the real Uma Thurman. In the song Uma complains about how Quentin Tarantino was drunk and that she had to reprimand him for his behaviour. Then she tells Vladimir how glad she is that he came. The two never met in real life, before the Kill Bill 2 premiere in Moscow. The group consists of Dmitry Kozlov, Ruslan Semenov, Yury Terletskyy, Vladislav Cherednichenko, Alexey Kaplun, Sergey Solodkin, and Stanislav Veretenov.

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