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Dual Sessions

A duo formed by musicians and producers Rodrigo Crespo and Juan Casasco.Rodrigo (Rhod) is the musical and ideological leader of the project. is introduced to music at age 7 when he began studying piano and music theory continued his studies between Buenos Aires and Madrid until at 12 he entered the national conservatory of music of Buenos Aires where he completed studies in percussion. and entered the school leans to the electric guitar and dumps all their theoretical knowledge to the instrument Rodrigo began studying musical production and composition by means of electro acoustic with the teacher Jorge Sad. Juan Casasco is the Artistic Co-producer keyboardist and programmer of Dual Sessions start in the music In early 90s studying drums and percussion for the sole purpose of advancing their musical knowledge enters the contemporary music school Berklee College Of Music where in addition fully develop these instruments begins to internalize the producccion musical composition and his interest in electronic music led him to the school Sonica. where the use of electronic instruments and unconventional instrument opened the way to experimentation and development of their musical identity and the beginning of his professional career.

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