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There are (at least) three bands named Skald: 01. A folk metal band from Karlshamn, Sweden 02. A black metal band from Korea 03. An experimental rock band from Stockholm, Sweden 01. The Swedish duo Skald was formed by Henrik and David in Karlshamn, Sweden in October 2005 with the idea to create pure, acoustic folkmusic. The idea was disbanded quite fast sinced they lacked certain instruments. Henrik had written LOTS of lyrics inspired by the Scandinavian nature and it's old folklore, so the folk aspect was still the one to go. They released their very Otyg-inspired demo "Sagor Från Skogstjärnen" (Stories From The Forest's Bog) in March 2006 on their website (www.skald.se). Neither of them was satisfied with the demo, so they quickly began working on their second with a more proffessional approach and with a newfound confidence that the first demo lacked. The second demo, "Trolska Vemodsband" (Trollish Bonds Of Agony) was released in November 2006. Since then, the band got a contract with the Swedish label Unexploded Records and released the MCD "I En Svunnen Tid" (In A Vanished Age) in January 2008. The debut full-length album "Vitterland" (Witherland) is scheduled for release during 2011. 02. The South Korean Skald is a Black Metal band formed in 2005. They released a full-length in 2009: "Antichrist". 03. The Swedish experimental/instrumental rock band are currently unsigned.

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