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Landon Cube

Landon Cube is a singer-songwriter and producer from Maryland, USA. His music career kicked off by posting videos of singing and playing guitar on YouTube around 2013. Cube is life long friends with Cameron Haller, a popular online personality who runs the YouTube channel CUFBOYS that features of a variety of vlogs, reaction videos and other music related, behind the scenes content. The rapidly growing YouTube fanbase took notice of Landon and his musical talent which further propelled his career. Through Cam’s channel, Lil Skies & Landon Cube were able to connect and have since been close friends and well working artists together. They have seen online virality and success with their immensely popular hits ‘Red Roses’, and shortly followed ’Nowadays’. At this point, only time can tell where Landon Cube and the fan favorite musical duo with Lil Skies will go.

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