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Romina Power

She began an acting career in Italy, making her film debut at the age of thirteen in Menage all'italiana , released in 1965. A few films followed, and in 1967, she starred in Nel sole, which had her mother in it, as well as Albano Carrisi (stage name Al Bano Carrisi). Al Bano was already quickly establishing himself as a pop star when they met, and she was establishing a pop career also, recording several solo albums. In the next few years, the two would star in seven movies together. More importantly, they married on July 26, 1970, at the Church of St. Catherine, near Brindisi, Italy. They formed the singing team of Al Bano and Romina Power, which became an immensely popular singing team, especially in Italy and Germany. Romina had a successful singing career for about thirty years, earning numerous gold and platinum albums.

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