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Jamie Drastik

Here's my Bio, better yet here's my auto bio. My name is Jamie Drastik. I'm from one of the most unique places, upstate New York. That means that I have been exposed to the aftermath of second hand smoke from Woodstock, the dirty hype of New York City, hot stressed out soccer mom's, and the occasional cipher outside, in front of Kennedy's Fried Chicken. When I'm not bringing my upstate friends, who don't understand that you cant bring your own beer in a New York City club, down to party with me, I'm recording with my producers from Finland, The Crew. I have reached independent success at radio with records like "Now or Later" and "Boom I Got Your Girlfriend". By being hands on with the push (calling radio stations myself and requesting my own song) I was able to learn a lot. Let the name dropping begin… Ok, Jadakiss said my mix-tape was fire. Fat Joe said I got it, and he's all the way tuned in. Pitbull said I'm going to be the Ben Affleck of music. Diddy said I got a lot of talent, and my Mom says I'm better then everyone on the Grammys every year. Thanks Mom! Thanks to the agents, the DJ's, websites, and all the promoters that book me to boogie and all the supporters who told their friends about me. Word of “mouf” helps out a lot. Download the mix-tape and I'll see you guys and gals at the next show.

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