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With musical influences from The Beatles and Death Cab for Cutie to Queens of the Stone Age and Jack White, Badflower explores nearly every facet of rock ‘n’ roll. Since its formation in February of 2013, the band’s gritty, blues inspired guitar riffs, catchy vocals and rock star prowess have thrust them into the spotlight. Badflower has performed at landmark venues around the country, from the historic Sunset Strip venues in Los Angeles to the world-famous SXSW festival in Austin, Texas. The quartet's visceral, brutally honest stage presence leaves no question about their potential for success. Josh Katz (vocals/rhythm guitar) Joey Morrow (lead guitar) Alex Espiritu (bass) and Tommy Senter (drums) are natural performers who effortlessly capture the attention of audiences of all sizes. Whether it be an intimate club show, or a huge festival performance, when Badflower hits the stage, it's not just a performance, it’s an experience. Badflower’s showmanship was quickly noticed by Hollywood’s thriving music scene. Shortly after its inception, the band earned a residency spot at The Key Club; an integral part of the musical launch-pad that is the world-famous Sunset Strip, for the last 20 years. It is here that they quickly began attracting the attention of seasoned industry professionals and the show-going public, alike. About A Girl, the band’s debut EP, shrewdly captures the tumultuous emotional experiences of falling in and out of lust. Katz's lyrical candor and vocal dynamics are accentuated by Morrow's masterful guitar textures and riffs, while Senter’s driving drum beats and Espiritu's unstoppable bass lines create a rhythm section that harkens back to the days of Bonham and Jones. Together they have created the perfect storm of sincere, uncompromising, passionate, sonically infectious rock and roll. If you don’t know Badflower yet, it’s only a matter of time before Los Angeles’s prodigal sons catch your ear and never give it back. There's only one question you must ask yourself: have you heard the good word of Badflower? Instrumentation Josh Katz - Lead Vocals / Rhythym Guitar Joey Morrow - Lead Guitar / Lead Vocals Tommy Senter - Drums / Backing Vocals Alex Espiritu - Bass

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