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The Baseballs

The Baseballs are a German Rock & Roll / Rockabilly cover band, founded in 2007 in Berlin, most famous for singing contemporary pop songs in a "'50s and '60s Rock 'n' Roll" style. The band consists of 3 male singers: Digger, Sam, and Basti. The band is relatively new; their website was launched on 9th May (2009) and their first album release was out on 15th May, 2009. More info at their official site: www.thebaseballs.com Official Album Releases: Strike (2009) Strike! Back (2010) Strings 'n' Stripes (2011) Strings 'n' Stripes - Live (2012) Good Ol' Christmas (2012) Game day (2014) Singles: Umbrella (2009) Hot n Cold (2009) Last in Line (2010) Chasing Cars (2010) Hello (2011) Candy Shop (2011) Umbrella - Live (2012) Let it Snow (2012) DVD: Strings 'n' Stripes - Live (2012)

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