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DJ Disse

WHEN I’M BORED, I CHANGE COLOUR? Label: Music for dreams. 2008 Dj Disse a Danish Music Producer. His skin is white , but his mind somtimes change colour! This statment make sens when you lisning to his album ”When I`m bored, I change colour” takes influence from pal banzai Republic, Rhythm and Sound and his country fellow and friend Trentemøller. Maby you already know Dj Disse from the World's best selling lounge compilation Buddha-bar (2008) or Hotel Costes (2007/08) His Background…. It was Kjeld Tolstrup (legendary Danish Dj) who first heard Disse’s ‘Dj’ing’ potential and witnessed his ability to rock a dancefloor. He introduce Dj Disse first demo trac (Egyptian Disco) to Kenneth Bager the esteemed Danish Producer and Label boss to Music for Dreams. Disse was quickly signed and his first release, the single “Egyptian Disco” was definitely a dream come true! and is now considered an all time dance classic. A year after he Started out Djuma Soundsystem (EMI) in 2002 . Laiter Get Physical Music (Ger) signs agreement with "Djuma Soundsystem_ Les Djinns (all samples, loops and a melody composed exclusively by Dj Disse) Today is this track (Les Djiins) can present iconic superstar Moby and Trentemoller on there Remix list. Not surprisely its the best selling track on beatport.com and www.juno.co.uk EVER! In 2006 Djuma Soundsystem decided to go their separate ways and Dj Disse returned to Music 4 Dreams to begin recording his solo album/When I`m bored, I change colour. Artist name: Dj Disse. Real name: Franz. DJ by night and music producer in daytime. He actually first started producing his own material after he buy (loop-based music program) computer/tools and start lurnin SONY ACID Pro 4 in 2005! (using the same software today?) Dj Disse sources his musical inspiration from scouring obscure Scandinavian and European flea markets for all kinds of rare vinyls - anything with a weird and crazy beat or sound is used to ‘sample’. The theme guitar/melody from ‘Les Djiins’ is a a direct extract from Atila Engine Group (Danish turkish fusion jazz) is also used and re-played (by Swend Staal) on the album track ‘Ramadan’. ‘When I’m Bored, I Change Colour?’ was Produced by Dj Disse in his Copenhagen studio in collaboration with an impressive list of notable guest Producers: Buda (Banzai Republic, Lulu Rouge); Mikkas Skulstad and Lars Bjarno(Djuma Soundsystem); Per (Jazz Box) and Kenneth Bager (Music For Dreams). The subsequently released DJ Disse Chillout classic, the album singel "Walk On The Wild Side" is today included on 20 different International Lounge compilations. Dj Disse newest release was in Febura 2008 “Real roots” 12” vinyl (MFD) Dj Disse is currently working on a new album to be released in 2008 Newly released album "When I'm Bored I Change Colour"zzzcd0039_ DJ DISSE MUSIC RELEASES: Egyptian Disco 12” (EMI/rec. 2004) Djuma Soundsystem: ‘Les Djinns’ (EMI 2003); (Get Physical 2006) Walk On The Wild Side 12" (Music For Dreams 2006) Dj Disse: When Im Bored, I Change Colour? (Music For Dreams 2007) ‘Real Roots’ EP (Music For Dreams 2008) DJ DISSE REMIX RELEASES: Kenneth Bager, ‘Fragment Eight - The Sound Of Swing’ (DJ Disse remix and dub mix) (Music for Dreams 2007) ‘Laid Back Dj Disse Happy Horse Remix’ (Hotel Costes) La Suite #5 (Music For Dreams 2007) Doors "bossarocker" (2005) ROLLING STONES: Under My Dub (Balearic Biscuits 2006) RELEASED REMIX OF DJ DISSE/DJUMA SOUND SYSTEM_LES DJIINS: Trentemöller Mix. (Critical Mass/Get Physical) Moby Remix. (Get Physical) My My Mix. (Critical Mass/Get Physical) Def Jaguar Mix. (Critical Mass/Get Physical) Swen weber remix. (Critical Mass/Get Physical) Heads Mix. (Critical Mass/Get Physical) The Trentemøller Chronicles (2cd) Les Djinns_Trentemøller Remix (mbo 2007) "DJ DISSE" COMPILATION RELEASES: Buddha-Bar 5. compiled by David Visan ( Georges V 2003) Buddha-Bar 10. compiled by Dj Ravin ( Georges V 2008) CAFE BUDDHA. The Cream Of Lounge Cuisine (Park Lane 2007) Hotel Costes Vol. 10 Stéphane Pompougnac (Pschent Records 2007) Cafe Mambo .Mixed By Pete Gooding & Afterlife (Defected 2007) Luftkastellet ”Vol. 4 and 5” Compiled By Kenneth Bager (MFD. 2006/7) World Dub Pastry Vol.1 and 2 By Kenneth Bager (MFD. 2006/7) Spacesex. Claude Challe. (Chall'o Music 2007) Mezzanine De L'Alcazar "Vol 5” ( Pschent 2007) Cafè Zen. (Park Lane Recordings 2007) La Nuit - Rare Lounge Grooves Mixed by DJ Jondal (Ministry of Sound 2007) Chilloutin IBIZA. La Suite “Vol.5” (Planetworks 2007) Klassik Lounge "werk 6" Elysian Vibes “Vol.4” No stress ( Mbo 2007) – and many more...

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