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Gillian Anderson

Gillian Leigh Anderson (born August 9, 1968) is an Emmy and Golden Globe Award-winning American actress, best known for her role as FBI Agent Dana Scully in the American TV series The X-Files. She also has made several stage appearances. Little Triva: + Compiled a collection of Electronica music inspired by Future Fantastic, entitled Future: A Journey Through The Electronic Underground. Contributed vocals to one track, Extremis, with music by HAL. + Was voted "Sexiest Woman in the World" for FHM's first ever 100 Sexiest Women poll. + Is one of three children, to Ed and Rosemary Anderson. Siblings are Aaron and Zoe Anderson, both younger. + Her father owns a post-production film company. + Is allergic to cats, as stated in an X-Files commentary. + Tattoos include a Tahitian tribal symbol on the inside of her right ankle, the words "every day" in Sanskrit on her right wrist, and a "P" on her left hip (presumably for daughter Piper) + Provided the voice for the ship's computer in the 1996 video game Hellbender by Terminal Reality and Microsoft. + Is a campaigner for ACTSA + She said in an interview that she had heard and liked the German dubbing voice of Dana Scully; so much so that she had tried to immitate it, unsuccessfully. (Franziska Pigulla who did the German voice-over, has a very distinctive smokey voice)

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