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Stargazer is a name of at least seven acts: 1) An Australian avant-garde black/death-metal group. 2) A UK deep house / future jazz production duo. 3) A Brazilian power metal band. 4) A German old school heavy metal band. 5) An Italian thrash metal band. 6) A trance act (aka Drax & Scott Mac). 7) A Thai drummer. 8) A Melodic Progressive Hardcore band from Lehigh Valley. 1) Stargazer of Australia (Adelaide, South Australia) is a progressive black/death metal band formed in 1995. Members: The Serpent Inquisitor (Guitar, Vocals), The Great Righteous Destroyer (Bass, Vocals) and Selenium (Drums). Discography: Gloat (1996, Demo), Borne (1997, EP), Promo 1998 (1998, Demo), Split with Invocation (1999, Split), Split with Arghoslent (2001, Split), The Scream That Tore The Sky (2005, Full-length), Occidentale Magick (2006, Compilation), Split with Sacriphyx (2009, Split) and A Great Work Of Ages (2010, Full-length). http://myspace.com/theserpentinquisitor 2) A UK deep house / future jazz production duo, of Christian Davies and Dino Christophilopoulos (aka DC Motion). Sites: Discogs 7) A Thai drummer (aka 'Paa' and 'Mitty'), was with The Burning Starr (Marilyn Suckin Nancy) the indie rock band for no profit but it’s made from love. It came out with many singles and had been in 1 of the nominees in Fat Awards2 : Bed room band of the year 2003. He grown up in the period of different style of music. That was between Electronic 80 and Rock 90. So it makes he got so much experiences with the music such as Disco, New wave, New Romantiq, Alternative. He brings many kinds of music like Indie Rock, Electronica, Disco, Electro, Trash, New Rave, Break and mix them together to be his identity. 8) Stargazer is a progressive metalcore band from Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, filled with grooves and uplifting melodies. They dropped their EP 'Genesis' back in 2013.

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