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Porcelain Black

Porcelain Black is the stage name of American singer-songwriter, Alaina Beaton. Her musical style is a blend of dance-pop and industrial music elements. Black was signed to Virgin Records until 2009, where she recorded under the stage name Porcelain and The Tramps; she's currently signed to RedOne's label, 2101 Records. "My music is like if Britney Spears and Marilyn Manson f*cked and had a kid, it would be me," "'It's dance-pop, but it's industrial Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails." From birth up until the age of nine she grew up on the streets of 8 Mile, Warren, then moved to Sterling Heights MI and then to Rochester MI. Beaton was discovered in The W hotel in NYC by her manager Marvin Howel and then moved to Los Angeles, California a month later where she got signed to Virgin Records (under Porcelain and The Tramps) the day after she moved. Black and Virgin could not agree on a musical direction, so she left the label and signed with producer RedOne's 2101 Records Universal Republic imprint late in 2009. Beaton changed her name to Porcelain Black because it caused confusion to people who thought Porcelain and the Tramps was a band. She had been busy for the past year writing and recording in the studio with John Lowery (more commonly known as John 5 - the current guitarist for Industrial band Rob Zombie, and former guitarist for rock group Marilyn Manson) and a few others. As of late 2010, Porcelain was signed to Universal Records under Red One. And is on tour with Lil Wayne on his I Am Music II Tour.

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