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1)Berlin is an American new wave Band 2)Berlin (BERLIN) is also a Japanese Visual Kei Band 3)Berlin was also a Swedish punk band ****** 1)Berlin is an American new wave band featuring lead singer Terri Nunn. Berlin was formed in Orange County, Southern California in 1979. Their first single, "A Matter of Time," was released in 1980 on I.R.S. Records and featured replacement vocalist Virginia Macolino on lead vocals after Nunn had temporarily left the band to pursue an acting career. Toni Childs also sang for Berlin briefly before Nunn rejoined the act and their indie released singles and EP Pleasure Victim became a regional hit in LA selling 30,000 copies before they signed with Geffen. Their first significant hit was the controversial synth-driven "Sex (I'm A...)" (1982), which was banned by some radio & tv stations due to its graphic lyrics and risque video. They had two other early hits: "The Metro", which was later covered by System of a Down, Alkaline Trio, and Sleepthief; and "No More Words", who's subsequent video saw Terri Nunn and bandmates re-enact a Bonnie and Clyde style car chase and shoot-out. Despite their new wave dance club roots, it was the MOR ballad "Take My Breath Away" (from the movie Top Gun) that became their best-selling platinum selling single in 1986. Aside from Nunn, the core members of the band were founding member John Crawford (primary songwriter, bass guitar & keyboards), and David Diamond (keyboards & guitar). Other members of the band included Ric Olsen (lead guitar), Matt Reid (keyboards), Rob Brill (drums) and Rod Learned (drums). Berlin officially disbanded in 1987 and Nunn retained the legal rights to usage of the band's name after legal wranglings with the founding member of the group, John Crawford. Terri Nunn recreated Berlin (with a new lineup of musicians) in 1999. They were featured recently on the VH1 show, Bands Reunited where they all agreed to get back together to not only reunite as friends but as a band. They played one show at The Roxy in California to a sold-out crowd. Terri Nunn has said she was somewhat taken aback by the success of "Take My Breath Away" on Adult Contemporary radio stations, since none of Berlin's singles up to that point had been suitable for AC radio. She is quoted in The Billboard Book of Number One Hits by Fred Bronson as saying that the first radio station she heard playing it was "something my mom listens to." ****** 2)Berlin (BERLIN) is also the name of a relatively new visual kei band. Berlin is composed of four members: KAGUYA (Vocals), Mei (Guitar), Rin (Bassist), and Tomoki (Drummer). Their most current discography includes: SUICIDE LILITH (2005/10/07) Limited 100, 1 song not for sale 01.SUICIDE LILITH Describe reality (2006/03/25) 1st Maxi Single. 3 songs 01.menstrual muddy 02.Greed 03.the fall days this withers of all (2006/09/24)1st Mini Album. 5 songs 01.Depths 02.IN GEMINI 03.AMBROSIER 04.this silent withers 05.undead's call Proved an anima (2006/09/24)1 song not for sale 01.Proved an anima NEITHER (2007/04/14) 2nd Maxi Single, 3 songs 01.Revantain 02.AVERAGE THE NEW KILLER 03.NEITHER GREED (2007/05/11)One day distribution 01.GREED SORROW THE FAITH (2007/11/01) 1111 limitation 01. SORROW THE FAITH 02. ORDINAL DEED 03. New Style Gimmick 04. An artery vein 05. absolude(リマスタリング) For more info please visit their Japanese Official Home Page: http://free.from.jp/berlin/ or official fansite http://berlin.mind-speaks.com/ ****** 3)Berlin was also a swedish punk band that existed between 1978 and 1979. Three of the four band members went on to form Chatterbox.

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