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Михаил Шуфутинский

Mikhail Zakharovich Shufutinsky (April 13, 1948, Moscow) is a pop Russian singer, citizen of the USA. He is the pre-eminent current singer of Russian chanson music. Shufutinsky finished a music school majoring in accordion and graduated from the Music College named after Ippolitova-Ivanova with specialization coryphaeus. He appeared with different bands in Moscow’s and Magadan’s restaurants (with Alexander Vertinsky's and Petr Leschenko’s songs), later became leader of the instrumental band "Leisia Pesnia" which usually played Viacheslav Dobrynin’s songs. In 1981 he and his family immigrated to the USA. During 10 years he had appeared with different bands in different restaurants, and created his own show – band "Ataman-band" (after the name of restaurant "Ataman"). He also goes to Russia with tours regularly. In 1990, he accepted an invitation to visit Russia and sang at 75 packed stadium concerts. In 1998 he wrote an autobiographical book "I vot stoiu ia na puti…" ("And so, I’m standing on the way…") His S repertory contains songs of such authors as Viacheslav Dobrynin("Dve svechi" "Two candles"), Igor Krutoi ("3 sentiabria" "The 3 of September", "Palma de Maiorka" "The de Majorca palm", "Moskovskoie taksi" "Moscow taxi", "Moskva slezam ne verit" "Moscow doesn’t believe in tears"), Oleg Mitiaev ("Nochnoi gost" "Night guest"), Aleksandr Rozenbaum("Khreschatik", "Zakhodite k nam na ogoniok" "Visit our place", "Gop-stop"), Oleg Gazmanov, Igor Zubkov, Vatslav Lisovskii, Olesia Atlanova, Karen Kavalerian and many others.

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