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Voskresenie (Russian for 'resurrection', but possibly a deliberate misspelling of a Russian word 'воскресенье' which is 'Sunday') is a Russian rock band founded by Alexey Romanov. Since 1969 Alexey was the leader for his own band with no certain name - originally it was called 'Wandering Clouds', then - 'Guys Who Start To Play When A Stripped Hippo Crosses The River Zambezie'. In 1974-75 he was a member of Машина Времени. Voskresenie was started in 1979, when Evgeny Margulis (bass, vocals) and Sergey Kawagoe (drums) left Mashina Vremeni due to dissolution with its leader Andrey Makarevich. They joined Romanov and guitarist Alexey Makarevich (cousin to Andrey). During the summer of 1979 Voskresenie recorded their first, eponymously titled album, which included their best-known song 'Kto Vinovat?' ( Who's to blame?). This song was played at 'Radio Moscow World Service' (Soviet English-speaking international radio) and reached #5 in Moskovsky Komsomolets yearly chart. But the band broke up when Kawagoe and Alexey Makarevich ceased their music careers, and Margulis left the band to join 'Arax', another Russian rock outfit. New line-up was formed with the help of singer-songwriter/guitarist Konstantin Nikolsky, who later went on to record a number of solo albums. After that, Nikolsky never was a member of the band, though he retained the right to play his own songs written for Voskresenie during his solo shows. Actually, some 10 years later he managed to re-record some of them on his album 'Odin Vzglyad Nazad' ('A Look Back'). In 1983 Romanov was suddenly arrested and tried for 'illegal business deals' - actually, it was a part of a campaign against independent music bands. Voskresenie reunited in 1989, celebrating 10-years jubilee. It wasn't until 1994, though, when a lineup of Romanov, Margulis, Andrey Sapunov and Mikhail Shevyakov recorded a new album. In 2000-01 Voskresenie joined Mashina Vremeni in a very successful 25-years-on-stage-for-either-of-the-two-bands tour called '50 years for two'. The latest release by Voskresenie is "Ne Toropyas'" (In No Hurry) from 2004 which features a number of previously unreleased old songs as well as the new ones.

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