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Ирина Круг

Irina Krug (real name - Glazkov, for her husband - Vorobyov) ( March 29 1976 , Chelyabinsk ) - singer, performer of Russian chanson , the widow of a famous singer-songwriter Michael Krug . Biography Irina Krug was born March 29 1976 in Chelyabinsk, in the family of an officer. Since childhood, engaged in theatrical circles of the local House of Culture, dreamed of becoming an actress. In the 1,997 - one thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine years working as a waitress in one of the city's restaurants. In 1999 she met the well-known performer of Russian chanson Michael around . Almost immediately, he asked her to work with him, after which she became a dresser at the Circle. Before marriage she had with the Terms previously been married, had a daughter. In 2001 Michael and Irene were married. About a year our relationship did not go beyond. Everything was on a strict pitch. It seems to me watched and checked. In no hurry to choose. At that time he was like eight years he lived alone. A year later, he just took me to his house, saying: "All that will live together!" In 2002 Irina and son of Michael Alexander. But on the night of June 30 to July 1 , Michael Krug was murdered by unknown assailants in their own home. After the death of his friend Krug, singer-songwriter Vladimir Bocharov, Irina invited a number of songs written to his memory, resulting in 2004 released his first album, Irena Krug "The first fall of separation," a duet recorded with a close friend of Michael Krug Leonid Telesheva. In 2005 Irina Krug was awarded the " Chanson Year "in nomination" The opening of the year. " A year later, in March 2006 , has released its second album "You, my last love" in poetry and music of Michael Krug, the producer of the plate was Vadim Tsyganov . In 2006, re-married businessman. Released seven albums, toured actively engaged. Her repertoire includes songs duet with his friends Michael Krug and Leonid Bocharov, Vladimir Telesheva, singer Viktor Korolev and youngest performer Alexei Bryantsev. Irina Krug - the participant of the annual National Award of the Year Chanson in the Kremlin, March 26 2011 . Discography "The first fall of separation" ( 2004 ). "You are my last love" ( 2006 ). "Hi, baby" (duet album with Alexis Bryantseva) ( 2007 ). "Pretty Boy" ( 2008 ). "Love Island" ( 2009 ). "If not for you" (duet album with Alexis Bryantseva) ( 2010 ). "I read in your eyes" ( 2010 ) "Love not frightening" ( 2011 )

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