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Bomba Titinka

Finally two parallel worlds meet, giving birth to an unprecedented musical exposion. The world of ’50s rock’n’roll meets the world of electronica, the world of swing meets the world of dub. The retro voice and guitar of Mr. Bricks seems like it has leapt out of an old valve radio from the last century. Wanda Lazzarovic’s futuristic doublebass sinuously moves like a Balcanic dance! London producer, G-Tano’s ragtime piano and synth mixes it with an electronica that nobody dares to try. Bomba Titinka were born in 2014, and are ready to explode all over the planet and let their new sounds be heard and above all, danced to. This EP is their first release, containing 3 new songs written and composed by Bomba Titinka with „Grammofono” remixed by one of the most important electroswing DJs Nellski. We must not forget, included on this EP is their fantastic cover of the Dean Martin Classic „ Mambo Italiano“. The EP will be followed next year with a full album that will boast important collaborations including the renouned rapper Caparezza . Bomba Titinka have been winning the hearts of the Italian and European public and can be booked through the German agency Ludwig Sounds. When playing live, they are joined on stage by acrobatic Boom Boom Vincenti on drums, Eddy De Marco on trombone and Ricky Tiky on trumpet.

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