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Dorothy is a name that's been used several times: 1. Dorothy is an American rock band founded in Los Angeles, California, United States. The band is composed of vocalist Dorothy Martin, drummer Dylan Howard, guitarist DJ Black and bassist Gregg Cash. They released their first project, a self-titled EP, in 2014. Rolling Stone deemed them "a band you need to know," and named them #14 on their 50 Best New Artists of 2014 list. On June 24, 2016, Dorothy released their debut album, ROCKISDEAD. 2. Dorothy is a indie rock band from Thailand. 3. Dorothy was a rock band from Portugal. Their line-up included: Fred Matos (Vocals), Pedro Carvalho (Guitar), João Quintanilha (Bass) and João Bonito (Drums). Past members: Nuno Pereira (Drums), Daniel Carvalho (Drums). www.myspace.com/dorothymusic 4. Dorothy was a band that was formed by Gina Birch and Vicky Aspinall (both from post-punk-band The Raincoats). They recorded an album and released a few singles during the eighties. 5. Dorothy was also a singer/band on Industrial Records, probably most notably on The Industrial Records Story with the song "I Confess". 6. Dorothy is a multi-country member rock band, even if they're basically a Korean band. 100% natural-born Korean, Armenian/Swedish mix from California, English Aussie of French Hugenot descent, and Korean-Canadian 2nd generation. Unusual for Korean local band. 7. Dorothy was a a three piece grunge band from Missouri that originally formed in 2003. After breaking up in 2005, frontman Trenton Lloyd Mosley and bassist Phillip Pobanz continued playing music together under various projects until 2009, when they decided to reunite Dorothy. The reunion, however, was short lived, and the band ultimately broke up for good. Frontman Trenton Lloyd Mosley has since gone solo, and continues to write and produce music, often collaborating with other artists. 8. Dorothy is a hungarian female rock band from Gyöngyös, Hungary. The band consists of Dodo (lead vocals, bass guitar), Brigi (guitar, vocals) and Klo (drums). The band formed in 2012. 9. Dorothy is a stoner rock band from USA. 10. Dorothy is a Korean pop group, please use the tag 도로시.

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