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Born at the end of the year 2009 in Corinthos, Greece, but based in the greek city of Patras since 2010, Weathers are a dynamic heavy trio that worships jamming fuzzy tripped out sludgy tunes and mostly enjoys sharing with live audience their downtuned psych stoner rock and doomy desert melodies. Stavros, the drummer and co-founder of the band along with bassist Ramon, were first joined by Jim in the guitar and Mike in vocals, but although the band toured the greek mainland with fellow corinthians Rejection and recorded at the begining of 2010 its first promo release, "Promo 2010" that contained three songs, their line up didn't last long, because Jim left the band due to personal reasons and Mike the vocalist, replaced him in the guitar. With their new line-up, "Weedthers" as they were called by some friends, toured for the second time the greek mainland and managed to share the same stage with some of the most known and accomplished bands of the rapidly rising local heavy scene like Universe217, Planet Of Zeus, 1000mods, Last Rizla, Lucky Funeral and more. The extremelly positive feedback of these concerts lead the band back to their practise room and eventually to their studio, where they recorded their first official release, an EP of 4 songs filled with fuzzed out bluesy sludge riffs, entitled "Heavy Truck". The EP was greeted with warmness from music press and fans alike and received absolutely positive feedback from the majority -if not from all- of the critics and listeners. Thus, the band got into the van once again and toured and this time they also supported bands from abroad like Spaniards Moho and Estonian Talbot. At the end of 2011 vocalist/guitarist Mike parted ways with the band and some unfortunate and serious medical issues forced the band in a hiatus for a few months. But in early 2012 health was restored and so were Weathers and 2 new members arrived to fill the empty position. Vaggelis guitar and Prokopis vocals!So the band was soon back in their studio, practicing old but mostly experimenting on new tunes for their forecoming first full length realese and also, for their upcoming live shows. In a few words, Weathers are one of the most promising new acts of the greek heavy underground scene and are soon to unleash their incredible potential so we can groove our guts out! It's a matter of time for them to exceed the high expectations their explosive live perfomances and heavy tunes created.. In Sludge they Fuzz and Desert Tunes they Jam. Read more: http://www.myspace.com/weatherstheband

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