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Peter Kuli

Peter Kuli is a 19 year old Producer based in Boston, Massachusetts. He currently rests in a style that combines analogue and electronic instruments, although he’s never afraid to change his sound. Peter started making music at the age of 15 as a test to see if he could make music in Ableton Live. He made a few sample-based beats and uploaded them to Soundcloud. After a couple months of uploading music online, filmmaker Casey Neistat decided to feature Peter’s music in his videos. One of those songs, “Life Moves Pretty Fast”, boosted Peter’s reach as an artist to levels he couldn’t anticipate. The song currently stands as Peter’s most streamed with over 1.2 Million plays on Soundcloud and Spotify combined. Last year, Peter Kuli arguably had his biggest year as an artist to date. 2018 saw the release of two collaborations with Still Haze. The first song, Cozy, marked a new development in Peter’s sound. He started to apply his love for Lo-Fi Hip Hop to the emerging genre of Bedroom Pop, taking influence from artists like Verzache and Knapsack. The next song, Potion, became his biggest song yet at nearly one million plays on Spotify. Released through Majestic Casual Records, Potion showed Peter delving into more atmospheric and chiller areas, while also showing off the tender sound that fans have come to expect. Moving on to 2019, Peter is showing no signs of slowing down. With the release of two beat tapes, “themoneytape.com” (w/ William Crooks) and “Bloom”, as well has production credits for vocalists such as Forrest., Love-SadKid, and Asoh Block! to come soon, Peter seems to be growing more and more in both physical and digital spaces. He has recently seen viral success with his song “ok boomer” which sparked wide spread TikTok videos and articles in The New York Times and NBCNews.

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