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Des O'connor

Des O'Connor (born Desmond Bernard O'Connor, 12 January 1932, Stepney, East End, London) is a well-known veteran English television personality.Des O'Connor has had a successful career as a singer, recording 34 albums and selling over 15 million records. His singing ability has been mocked frequently, most notably by legendary British comedians Morecambe and Wise. O'Connor however has always taken criticism in good-humour, even appearing with Morecambe and Wise on their show in a sketch that mocked him... Des's new album is intitled "Inspired" and available from www.desoconnornow.com, he is currently performing a series of one man shows. Which you can find on the site or listed next to this profiel. REVIEW He walked on to the stage at Windsor’s Theatre Royal on Sunday evening as cool as a cucumber. Des O’Connor walked out cold into the spotlight. No warm up act, no fanfare, no music, Quietly and without introduction he took the mic and a near packed audience gave him the applause only a consummate artiste and firm family favourite entertainer would get – rapturous. Des was his own warm up act and had the audience hotter than July by the time his 45 minute first half cracker of show was done for a quick libation. You forget that Des, now in his 70s, is a class, polished act. When you see him on one of his great TV shows, you expect him to be slick and stylish. But with an enviable quintet and a simple black, nightclub style stage backdrop, Des simply oozed charm and sophistication as first the jokes and anecdotes and then the songs came to the fore. Wonderful reminiscences of how great entertainers are brought up in showbiz. How as a youngster he was the warm up for Buddy Holly, touring with the songster and giving the thumbs up to classic rock and roll numbers the Cricket was writing at the time and which have now gone down in musical history. How he watched Frank Sinatra sneak in through the back door of a tiny club in Las Vegas before singing "One More For The Road", a number Des brought to life in his own inimitable way. How he and Tom Jones got along while both playing Las Vegas. And talking about the many, many entertainers, both British and American, who have become household names after appearing on his illustrious TV show over the years. Down to earth, good looking and self deprecating, Des has got wit and charm in bundles. Great numbers by some of the great song writers all fell under Des’ spell as mirth and music filled the theatre. Cheeky, cheerful and just downright brilliant as an entertainer, Des, who only had to drive in from his home in Hedgerley, showed us all what a true gentleman of show business he is and why he is loved by so many. He is still pulling them in, still has so much to give and leaves so many others in his wake. A delightful night out and one I hope will be repeated. Paul Thomas

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