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Жанна Агузарова

Zhanna Aguzarova (*July, 07, 1967) is a Russian Pop-Singer. Aguzarova arrived in Moscow In 1983 and she was taken by Evgeniy Havtan as vocalist for the group that would soon be called Bravo. Together with Bravo she recorded a 20-minute-long cassette tape that, circulated among acquaintances, earned them gigs at a Moscow dance club. But on March 18, 1984, Aguzarova's past caught up with her when she was arrested after a concert. By some accounts she was deported from Moscow and sent home to Siberia. A year later, she rejoined Bravo, which had been invited to take part in the U.S.S.R.'s Creative Laboratory of Rock Music in Moscow. They appeared on TV, festivals and concerts. These years with Bravo, from 1985-1987, were instrumental in Aguzarova's development as a pop star. In 1987 the government-run label Melodia released the group's first album, Bravo. In these early years Aguzarova is remembered for her off-beat vintage outfits as well as for her energy. The singles of Bravo's Aguzarova phase are "Jeltie Botinki" (Yellow Boots), "Koshki" (Cats), "Veru Ya" (I Believe), and also "Chudesnaya Strana" (Wonderful Country), which was included on the wildly popular soundtrack of 1988 film ASSA, which included songs by other Soviet rock heroes such as Victor Tzoi of Kino, akvarium, and Alisa. By the late '80s she had gained the status of a pop icon, and left the group to pursue her solo career. Her first and best reviewed solo release was Russkiy Album (The Russian Album) In 1990 Aguzarova took flight for Los Angeles, CA, on the advice of her mentor, Alla Pugachova, who told her that only in America would her talent be fully appreciated. But Aguzarova ended up by a two-year gig singing Sovie at the Black Sea Restaurant. Legend has it that she lived in America with documents that she bought for seven dollars upon arriving. She formed a group there called the 1990s that did covers of the group Tzentr (Center). The project was a collaboration with Vasiliy Shumov. During her American years Aguzarova made occasional appearances in 1993 touring with Bravo on 10 year of Jubilee ,and madeup 32 concerts around country. In 1996 Aguzarova returned to Russia.

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