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There are multiple bands, as well as a radio drama series, named Escape: 1) Escape was a Melodic Heavy Metal band from Germany. Formed in 1987. 2) Escape are a progressive metal band from Montréal, Qc. Canada since 2001. The band consists of Olivier Grenier-Robert, Marc-Antoine Coutu, Gab Piché, Hugo Charlan and Florent Legault find them here- http://www.myspace.com/escapeprog 3) Escape was an ambient trance collaboration between Pete Namlook (aka Air, Syn) and Amir Abadi (aka Dr. Atmo). 4) Escape was a French emo band that eventually evolved into Anomie. 5) Escape is a Cuban melodic death metal \ thrash metal band. 6) Escape is an underground rapper from Brașov, Romania. 7) Escape is a Future Funk / French House / Nu Disco artist from Chicago, Illinois, USA. (you can find him on Bandcamp or SoundCloud) 8) Escape was an American anthology radio drama series that aired on on CBS from July 1947 to September 1954.

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