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The Mojos

The Mojos was a Merseybeat band from the 1960s, best known today for their hit British single, "Everything's Alright". In spite of having one of the best reputations among the Liverpool Merseybeat scene, "Everything's Alright" remained their only major hit, with only two other singles charting low in the UK singles chart in 1964, and not at all elsewhere. Lewis Collins, who later became an actor and starred in The Professionals, was a member of the group at one point. At the time of their hit, "Everything's Alright", the band consisted of lead singer Stuart James, guitarist Nicky Crouch, keyboardist Terry O'Toole, bassist Keith Karlson and drummer John Konrad. Like many other British bands of the period the Mojos paid their dues by playing at the Star Club in Hamburg, Germany. The distinctive drumming on "Everything's Alright" was provided by Aynsley Dunbar.

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