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There are two acts under this name: the 1960s R&B band Sebastian and the House Rockers, mistakenly labelled Sebastien; and the Czech metal band. SEBASTIEN is a melodic power metal band with symphonic and progressive influences from Czech Republic. The band was formed by George Rain in 2008 (under name Sebastien). Sebastien origins date back to February 1999. The first real line-up appears under the name CALYPSO in December 1999. Two years later the name is changed to NAVAR. In studio "DARK" the first CD "Navar" is recorded. Then the period of frequent concerts, recording the single "Shine of Light" and finally realization of the second CD "Commotion" occurs. In summer 2004 the band goes to the studio again to present the new image of NAVAR! It is heavy metal EP "Proti vsem". In April 2006 the new CD "1621" is baptized and self-published, rewarded with many positive reviews and expanded to Japan. In 2008 two members leave the group... Torso of NAVAR - Rain brothers and Andy Mons - invite new members. The new band is born, known as SEBASTIEN! At the same time George Rain is involved in the preparation of Czech metal opera, Fraternitas. New SP "Závidím" is recorded and George Rain and Andy Mons work on the material for the new album... In November 2009 the band goes to the Grapow Studios (of Roland Grapow - guitarist of Masterplan, ex-Helloween) to record long-promised album "Tears Of White Roses"... Lyrics are written by poet Jan Petricko and songs are written and arranged by George Rain and Andy Mons... Debut album "Tears Of White Roses" has been released in november 2010 via Escape Music. For the first time in the history of rock/metal music you can hear a great, fresh CD with strong melodies and modern sound coming from the heart of Europe. This album shows off seven famous names of favourite artists and received many positive reviews worldwide. No doubt the new rock/metal masterpiece is ready to be served to hungry fans... Line up: George Rain - vocals, guitars Andy Mons - guitars Petri Kallio - bass Pavel "Dvorkys" Dvorak - keyboards Lucas R. - drums Management: George RAIN phone: 00420 721 635 719 email: info@sebastienofficial.com Official site: www.sebastienofficial.com

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