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Bump J

After years of not getting the props it truly deserves Chicago’s hip-hop scene is enjoying enormous success. The windy city has produced yet another MC that will definitely have an impact on the game. In less than one year Bump J and his crew THE GOON SQUAD have managed to take over the streets of Chicago in a way not seen since the late Al Capone. The Goon Squad includes members Sly Polaroid, Point, Brainz Hustla and China Man. With the help of his team Bump is set to leave his mark on the game before he is done. Bump did not always have aspirations of being in the rap game but people around him always told him he should take it more seriously. Although Bump realized he had the gift for quite some time he did not take things seriously until November 18th 2001. That day was a pivotal point in his life, which turned things around for him. It was the day his brother was gunned down and it was at that point that Bump decided to try and do something with his gift. In 2003 Chicago producer Xtreme Beats discovered Bump. Through that relationship manager Phil Edwards (Kanye West’s former manager) and industry executive Free Maiden came together with the hopes of taking Bump to the next level. Signed to Free’s production company Free 4 All, Bump J and his Goon Squad crew began appearing on mix tapes regularly and started to build a formidable following on the streets. Soon the hometown stations started to support Bump and his mix tape classics. All three hip-hop supporting stations in the market began showing Bump love. WGCI, WPWX & B96 have been major supporters. Both WGCI and WPWX have a Bump J hour in which DJ’s Vaughn Woods & Pharris Thomas blast off on the latest Bump J street classics. Bump has also been featured on mix tapes outside of his region, most notably on reigning mixtape DJ of the Year DJ Whoo Kid from New York. Whoo Kid has also supported Bump on his mixes on New York’s Hot 97. After a fierce bidding war amongst several labels Bump J has decided to call Atlantic Records his home. He is currently hard at work on his debut album with the likes of Kanye West, Trackboyz and a host of other beat makers. Look for his album to drop soon. Bump was arrested in late 2008, during a routine traffic stop, in connection with a 2007 bank robbery. In 2009, to avoid a possible life sentence, Bump pleaded guilty to the charges against him and was sentenced to 10 years in prison, with credit for time served. Bump should be eligible for placement in a halfway house after 7 years.

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