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Arsen Shakhunts

Arsen Shakhunts  (born  March 1,  1979  ,  Mary  ,  Turkmen SSR  ,  USSR  ) is a  Turkmen  singer, musician, songwriter of  Armenian  origin. Born March 1, 1979 in the city of Mary, Turkmenistan.  My father was the head of the KES service in a military unit, my mother worked as a midwife.  Arsen has two brothers: Eugene and Alexander.  Graduated from music school, accordion class.  One year he studied at the music school in the clarinet class, but did not finish it.  In 1998, together with his older brother Alexander, he moved to Ashgabat, where after some time the Shakhunts Brothers duet was created, performing songs in Russian. Their song "Dove", recorded in 2008, received the greatest popularity.  In the future, it was also performed by  Katya Lel  , and singers of the eastern stage .  In 2009, the song was performed by a duet at the annual chanson festival "Eh, Razgulyay!", And in 2011 it was included in the soundtrack of the film "  Exercises in the Beautiful  ". The songs "Dove" and "Ship" have been in the rotation of radio stations " Chanson  "  and "  Road Radio  " for many years  .   Also, the songs "Dove" and "Smoke" were included in the Top Radio Hits chart.  In 2018, due to health reasons, Alexander leaves the duet and Arsen continues to work as a solo artist. In the fall of 2019, Arsen Shakhunts released a video clip for the song “Girl, stop!”, Which, as of early 2022, has received more than 109 million views on YouTube and ranked 20th on the Top YouTube Hits chart.    At the beginning of 2020, Shakhunts released a new single "Goodbye, goodbye!", which has received more than 16 million views (as of the beginning of 2022).

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