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Gianluca Grignani

Gianluca Grignani (born 7 April 1972 in Milan, Italy) is an Italian singer-songwriter and guitarist. His musical career took off after meeting guitarist, and producer Massimo Luca. In 1995 Grignani managed a breakthrough with the album "Destinazione Paradiso" which sold two million copies within a year and for which he was awarded the Telegatto. He is well-known in Europe for his excellent lyrics and soft rock. One of his most famous songs, "La mia storia tra le dita", was re-recorded in Spanish with a translation where poetry seems to find the perfect match, titled "Mi historia entre tus dedos", it has been sang all along the Americas. His voice has a similar pitch to Franco de Vita. Albums 1995 - Destinazione Paradiso 1996 - La fabbrica di plastica 1998 - Campi di popcorn 1999 - Il giorno perfetto (raccolta) 2000 - Sdraiato su una nuvola 2002 - Uguali e diversi 2003 - Succo di vita (raccolta) 2005 - Il re del niente 2008 - Cammina nel sole 2009 - Best Of (raccolta) 2010 - Romantico Rock Show 2011 - Natura umana Official website: http://www.gianlucagrignani.it

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