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Lotte Kestner

Lotte Kestner is the solo project of Anna-Lynne Williams of Trespassers William. China Mountain (named after a mountain range in southern Oregon) was recorded over a year in her basement bedroom, and mixed in a Seattle studio with Trespassers bandmate Matt Brown. Most of the songs are built around acoustic guitar and several tracks of voice, and a bit of harmonica, keys, drums, ukulele, and harp. She was assisted on a few songs by friends - including Jeff Martin of Idaho on two of the album's tracks. China Mountain is available to buy now at www.saintlouprecords.com Anna-Lynne's latest album is called Stolen. On here are coversongs of Damien Jurado, Vic Chesnutt , The Cure and many others. Apart from Stolen are two Ep's with even more beautiful coversongs. Her most recent collaboration is with Robert Gomez and is called Ormonde. http://www.facebook.com/lottekestner

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