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Pedro Capó

Pedro Capó (artistically also Capó) is a singer-songwrite from San Juan, Puerto Rico that debuted in 2007. He is the grandson of singer Bobby Capó. Pedro Capó picked up the guitar at an early age and quickly demonstrated great virtue with the strings, even becoming the main voice of the group Marka Registrada. Currently Pedro resides in New York City. Where he has starred in musical productions including: Apollo Theatre’s production of “The Sweet Spot” (NYC) and the Off-Broadway hit musical production of "CELIA: The Life and Music of Celia Cruz." He has also starred in the films “Shut Up And Do It” and “Paraiso Travel” which is directed by Simon Brand, co-starring John Leguizamo. His music speaks about the human reality, social aspects of his interest, love, women and the conjugation of every-day experiences that make “us all learn to be better people and to live in peace.” At the moment, he is in the middle of the post-production of his album titled “Capó." He recently performed a duet with popular Mexican singer Thalía called Estoy Enamarado from her new album Primera Fila. Official MySpace: www.myspace.com/pedrocapo.

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