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Alan Walker

Alan Olav Walker  (born 24 August 1997) is a British-born Norwegian  DJ ,  YouTuber  and  record producer  primarily known for the critically acclaimed single " Faded " (2015), which was certified platinum in 14 countries. He has also made several songs including " Sing Me to Sleep ", " Alone ", " Darkside ", and " On My Way ", all of which attracted millions of views on YouTube. In early 2017, Walker's channel emerged as the most subscribed YouTube channel registered in Norway, with then 41.9  million subscribers as of May 2022. He also has the most views of any Norwegian creator, with approximately 11.1 billion views as of 21 February 2022. Alan Olav Walker was born on 24 August 1997 in  Northampton , England, to  Anglo-Scottish  British Philip Alan Walker, and his Norwegian wife Hilde Omdal Walker. As a result, by his international parental inheritance, he was granted dual citizenship from both the United Kingdom and Norway. He grew up with two siblings, an elder sister named Camilla, who was also born in England; and a younger brother named Andreas, who was born in Norway. At the age of two, along with his family, he moved to  Bergen .  Walker later found interest in computers, a hobby which has driven him deeper to computing graphical design, and musical programming. He initially had no musical background, but was able to teach himself by watching  YouTube  tutorials based on musical production.

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