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Wolf Colony

Based out of both New York City and Los Angeles, Wolfcolony is the brainchild of singer-songwriter "Wolf", who teamed up with producer Neal Sarin simply for the sake of making music while they were students at the University Of Miami. The pair had no intention on reaching the masses, with the project focusing on music as an opportunity to find a viable medium of expression through their emotionally driven sound and deeply personal lyricism. Wolfcolony set out to deliver a unique blend of electronic indie pop, characterized by lush, lo-fi atmospheres with a really organic, candle-lit feel. For an act so centered on an electronic music work frame, it might be really tempting to indulge into unnecessary over-editing and over-production, but wolfcolony chose instead to adorn their songs with relatively bare arrangements dominated by a few, high-impact elements that offer a roomy, massive, yet intimate and honest soundscape.

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