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Валерий Леонтьев

Valery Yakovlevich Leontiev (Russian: Валерий Яковлевич Леонтьев; born 19 March 1949 in Ust-Usa, Komi ASSR, RSFSR, Soviet Union) is a Soviet and Russian pop singer whose popularity peaked in the early 1980s. He was titled a People's Artist of Russia in 1996. He is known as one of the most prominent artists of Russian music. Over the course of his decades-long career, he has recorded more than 30 albums, many of which sold millions of copies. Valery Leontiev albums 1983 "Muse" 1984 "Dialogue" 1984 "Premiere" 1986 "Disco club 16 B" 1986 "Velvet season" 1987 «Valeri LEONTJEV» 1988 "I am - just a singer" 1990 "A matter of taste" 1990 "Wicked Way" 1993 "Night" 1993 "Last night" 1993 "Full Moon" 1994 "Touch" 1994 "At the gate of the Lord" 1995 "On the road to Hollywood" 1997 "Santa Barbara" 1999 "rope-dancer" 1999 "Everyone wants to love" 2001 "Augustine" 2003 "Maple Leaf" 2004 "Night Call" 2005 "I fall into the heavens" 2008 "in Recital Concert Hall" (DVD) 2009 "The years of wandering" 2011 "painter" 2014 "Love-Trap"

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