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Дети Picasso

The Moscow based Armenian band Deti Picasso plays an unusual sort of music in Russia - head-spinning and sharp, with strong ethnic roots, psychodelica and hypnotizing energy. Very expressive female vocals from are backed with transparent guitar music, soft cello sound and alternated with rough psychedelic tunes. Ancient Armenian chants and songs recorded with academic string quartet blend with new forms of guitar sound. The music is very fresh, original, extraordinary and captivatingly sincere. Deti Picasso's first studio album "Mesyac ulibok" (Month of smiles, released in 2002) - full of fresh and new emotions, was a real breaktrough in Russian club music. The band started to play on the biggest music festivals in Russia and was invited to play one stage wiith Depeche Mode and Massive Attack. April 2003 Deti Picasso played at "Yubileiniy" stadium in St-Petersburg on FUZZ magazine Ceremony and was named the "Best New Band 2002". In 2004 Deti Picasso made their public appearance with Armenian folk dance songs combined with heavy guitar themes and absolutely fresh and modern rock music. Their second album Ethic Experiments became one of the best examples for the rising of the contemporary Eastern Europen rock music. From that time the band's art brings together 2 streams: Moscow club and Armenian folk cultures. The music is very fresh, original, extraordinary and captivatingly sincere. No wonder that Deti Picasso won a warm acclaim of the audience and became one of the most respected bands in the Moscow club scene. The bands second album had a real success in Armenia and especially in Hungary after participating in the Sziget festival in 2004 and 2006. As a result of their Hungarian tour, they started to work with the Hungarian free-jazz legend Istvan Grencso and modern acid-rock quartet Masfel. Deti Picasso made with both of them records. Their newest album Glubina (Depth, released in april 2006), recorded with academic string quartet is a sure and direct step towards new ways of musical expressions.

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