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1) Naps is a producer from Melbourne, Australia who makes "Watery, degraded, tropical, new age" beats. He has releases on the local label //This Thing// including 2 EPs (Earthsea and 7") and a split cassette with Electric Sea Spider. 2) Naps is a Tallahassee, Florida-based, lo-fi, twee-pop band comprised of Jeremy Probst, Katryn Macko, Laura Hicks, and Ryan Stanley. They have two releases, "Floral Mattress" (2015) and "Jean Skirt Mystique" (2014). https://napsisaband.bandcamp.com/album/floral-mattress 3) naps (usually written in lowercase) is a solo project by Ithaca, New York-based musician Jason Calhoun (also known for paper armies). naps released two albums in 2015, napsounds, on Sweet Baby God Records and one hundred percent confident on Lily Tapes & Discs. The former is a collection of compact and poignant vignettes for keyboard, while the latter is a dense suite of drone and tape collage works. Not to be confused with Austrian Psychobilly band "The naps "

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