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The Deenjes

The Deenjes  , an Armenian music project, created by director  Mika Vatinyan  and Arab cameraman  Tammam Hamza  . The group was created in the winter of 2010, as the members of the group say, " in  the 108th apartment of one of the buildings in  Yerevan " . The name of the project is somewhat humorous: the deenjes. Mika and Tammam mention electronic, sin-pop, trip-hop and erotic-patriotic as the group's genres. Mika Vatinyan: main vocals, music.   Tammam Hamza: backing vocals, music. Tammam Hamza is invited as a cameraman for the filming of  Mika Vatinyan 's film  "Zhanna and Voices" .  They get to know each other and get closer, which is followed by the birth of the first work "Why don't you speak Armenian". The group's works mainly use the poems of famous Armenian poets, especially  Yeghishe Charents  ,  Paruyr Sevak  . In one of the interviews, Mika Vatinyan states: Everything started with the works of Armenian poets, when we tried to turn them into songs and saw that it worked.  They are mostly Charents and Teryan's poems, they are kind of sung, they are musical.  We have tried others, but it doesn't work.  Sometimes there are also our texts, but since that concept exists, we keep it.  I like that those texts, which are familiar to people, turn into something new, get a new life.   So far, The Deenjes has one album  called "Mother Tongue"  . The album includes the following works: "Maybe we are not!" "Flame Me" "Everything Now" "nothing" "Shadow" "Are you going to stay?" "Tired at night" "Insomnia" "I'm sick at heart" "Eat you" "Let it go" "You're not there either" "In the Nights of Yerevan" "It's dark.  It's night." "All to You" "In the Blue" "Hello!" "forget" "I gave my heart to him (street)".

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