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Александр Иванов

Alexander Ivanov Yulievich (born March 3, 1961, Moscow) - Russian rock singer. Childhood Born on March 3, 1961 in Moscow. Childhood of the future rocker was associated with the sport. He has 12 years of judo (a black belt). [1] The beginning of musical activity Professional musician Alexander Ivanov started in 1981. Ensemble playing "Hello", "airport", "crater", "Monitor". Havtanom acquainted with Eugene, who said that the "Rondo" needs a new vocalist. In 1989 he released the song "is also part of the universe." The song became a megahit and unconditional hallmark of "Rondo". Ivanov next hit - the duet with Vladimir Presnyakov "I will remember." In 1992 a group for some time to change your style with the lyrical and philosophical rock on teenage rokapops. In such style made albums Kill me with your love and welcome to paradise. In 1997 he received the Gold record for the song "God, what a trifle." Solo career In 1995, Alexander Ivanov met Sergey Trofimov and decided to fulfill some of his lyrical compositions. Song, "God, what a trifle", "I will lay under the feet of the sky" and "My unkind Russia" became national hits, and released in 1997 album Sinful soul sorrow, first signed "Alexander Ivanov" - bestseller. In 1998, Ivanov had quarreled with Trofimov, due to financial disagreements. [2] Creative collaboration ended. Singer brought on by other authors, including Michael Sheleg, who wrote the hits "Moscow Autumn", "Nevsky Prospect" and "Above the bell" (the latter is included in the re-release of "Sinful soul sorrow" (1999)). Released in 2000 the album When the wings grow repeated the success of the debut. In 2003, Alexander Ivanov, decides not to brand the "Rondo" because his name was at that time known to the public more than the name of the group. He finally goes to his solo career, and "Rondo" is his musical group. In 2005, the program is older than the morning on channel MTV. In 2006, the album Passenger. Primary songwriter - Alexander Dzyubin. In 2008, the singer took part in the show Superstar 2008. Dream Team ("Team of Russia"). In February 2011, Alexander Ivanov, released his solo album, "That was me." The album was a major hit remake of Michael Sheleg "Rain." The song was released animated clip. The album became the best-selling shops of the Union. [1] Family 1987-2007 - the ex-wife Elena Ivanova - choreographer of children's choreographic ansablya "Barvinok", artistic director and choreographer of the troupe «Color Ballet». [3] Daughter Karina Ivanova (5 May 1988) - Actress, in June 2004, Karina won the beauty contest "Miss Muscovy" and became Miss Capital 2004. In 2004, she graduated from high school with honors and became a student of the acting department of the Russian Academy of Theatre Arts GITIS.

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