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Ephraim Lewis

Ephraim Lewis (1968 - 18 March 1994) was an English soul/neo-soul and R&B singer and songwriter. He was one of many highly anticipated performers that emerged in the early 1990s. However, he died with only one album to his name. Career: Born in Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England, Lewis, known for possessing a higher-timbred, yet rich voice and impeccable diction, drew comparisons to fellow English musician, Seal. He signed with Elektra Records in 1992 and his debut Skin was released on 21 April of that year. Death: Lewis died on 18 March 1994 in Los Angeles in what was ruled a suicide. The coroner ruled that Lewis had jumped from a fourth floor balcony. The exact events that occurred on that day are disputed. The LAPD were present during his jump and what exactly transpired has not been agreed upon. Some reports indicated that Lewis had been stunned with a Taser after a hyperactive exchange. Lewis was taking methamphetamines at the time. His death remains controversial to this day. Lewis was buried on 21 April 1994.

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